Our company operates in the wood industry and produces firewood and kindling. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we obtain a product of the best quality and many satisfied customers.

We have a professional machinery park, a raw material warehouse, a finished product warehouse and a wood drying room, which provides a large capacity and rapid implementation of orders. The raw material for wood production comes from the State Forests with the appropriate FSC and PEFC quality certificates.

Each year of Panwood's existence results in developing our machinery. We are increasing employment and innovations to expand our range of products. As a result, satisfied customers also increase with each passing year.

We cut the wood into different lengths and split it in standard, more refined or coarser ways depending on customers' individual needs and preferences.

We sell both fresh wood for seasoning and dried wood ready for burning. Thanks to a wood drying kiln based on unique technology, the wood is dried at temperatures above 100 0C, thanks to which it is free of water and pests found in cut wood. After such treatment, the wood is perfect for burning both in fireplaces and all kinds of cookers used for heating. Such dried timber is characterised by 1/3 higher calorific value than unseasoned wood.

We pack wood in all kinds of packaging for wholesale customers: 1mp crates, 1.8mp crates, 12.5dm3 bags, 10kg foil bags, 10kg cartons, and 10kg bags.

We invite you to take a look at our offer.